Refund Policy- Sunrise Grow Web Solutions

To deliver results for your company, we'll follow Google's and other web users' guidelines. We have this refund mechanism in place to keep our customers' attention piqued in the event that the findings do not meet their expectations. If your website rank doesn’t improve by 50 % after 6 months of our service based on the core keyword that you pick, then we offer our free SEO services for three months or until the website picks up the rank. We will not be compensating any money because we are offering our 3 months free service.

1- Before completion of six months if the client cancels the contract, the money will not be refunded

2- We are not responsible to offer any compensation if you hire another SEO company during our contract. This policy is for a simple reason because other company working on your website can violate the Google search engine guidelines and we wouldn’t be held accountable.

3- If you refuse to authorise us to conduct our SEO services on your website in accordance with the most recent guidelines, particularly during the contract time, you will not be eligible for a refund.

4-No compensation will be made if your company domain name is blacklisted or become blacklisted because of your own actions.

5- After the initial agreement, NO Compensation or refund will be given if your company goes out of business or you change the business URL on the initial agreed keyword list.

6- A refund in INVALID, if we come across you or any third-party (Example your web developer) made changes in the home page activities without informing us.

7- If you consider ON-PAGE optimization using the strategies of some other company and not the one recommended by us, NO REFUND will be made.